Mills Realty!

Linking People, Profit, and Planet!



MILLS REALTY INCORPORATED known as MRI known as MR Inc known as Mills Realty and known online as is a SMART real estate brokerage firm.

MILLS REALTY provides high level TECHNOLOGICAL real estate products and services in the real estate industry globally and is headquartered in the Mid-West region of the United States of America at 2640 West Touhy, Chicago Illinois 60645.

MILLS REALTY interaction within the real estate industry focuses initially on 1. The selling process, 2. The buying process, 3. The renting process, 4. The leasing process, 5. The consulting process,6 The property management process all conducted with in-house real estate brokers.

MILLS REALTY’S stakeholder philosophy is based on a unique six-point philosophy of 1. respect, 2. communication, 3. responsibility, 4. compassion, 5. integrity, and 6. Sustainable technological advancement within the real estate industry.

MILLS REALTY INC. is built around six distinct stakeholder group segments: 1. Sellers 2. Buyers 3. Lessors/Renters 4. Brokers /Employees 5. Community and 6. Partners/Collaborators.

The sellers of the smart real estate properties are our primary stakeholders at the same time they are equal to the buyers. The sellers are those that pay the commission from the sale of their properties and are the direct core clients of MILLS REALTY INCORPORATED. We will never lose our focus that the clients/sellers and client/buyers who have retained MILLS REALTY INCORPORATED to list and sell their properties are our foremost obligation.

The buyers are of equal importance and are also our primary stakeholders/ clients along with the sellers. During the process of exchange between the buyer and seller, MILLS REALTY makes sure that the process is fair and understood without vague details among the participants in the exchange process. When an exchange is in a process, MILLS REALTY INCORPORATED does not show duplicity to either party and place special emphasis on each party to give those involved what they expected and the clients also receive benefits beyond their expectation. This high level of satisfaction during the exchange is the foundation upon which our consumer stakeholder philosophy rest. We provide superior personal services to the buyers and the sellers within every transaction.

Our third-party stakeholders are licensed brokers, employees and experienced real estate professionals who deal with the clients on a formal face to face level. They are licensed with local, state and federal government agencies. The broker’s fiduciary duty is to provide professionalism and high-quality services to “EVERY” stakeholder in our six (6) point philosophy; therefore, it is the direct responsibility of MILLS REALTY INCORPORATED to provide services to and through our brokers that will enable them to perform their responsibility to all the stakeholders within the community to build sustainable communities and sustainable communities throughout the planet earth.


MILLS REALTY INC. mission is to make the buying, selling, renting and property management process as EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE as possible and make the occupants sense a oneness with their estate using INNOVATIVE, TECHNOLOGY and SUSTAINABLE CREATIVE ideas providing the highest level of SERVICE and QUALITY in the industry thus increasing the stakeholders power in their lives and on their properties with the assistance of GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGIES and new innovative techniques to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THEIR LIVES.


Stakeholder analysis is an essential part of the strategy and a useful way to engage with our stakeholders. The stakeholders are.

  • Sellers
  • Buyers
  • Leaser/Renters
  • Agents/Employees
  • Local and Global Communities
  • Partners


The values of the firm will be

  • Efficiency for stakeholders
  • Global Sustainability
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Transparency